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September's product drop is live. It includes our all-time favorite fall candles, Firewood and Apple & Oak, plus two new fragrances, Cottonwood & Clove and Rosewood & Vetiver.

The OG favorite

Oakmoss & Amber

Oakmoss & Amber


Deep, mysterious, and evocative with universal appeal for men and women.

Fragrance Profile
top notes: sage, orange, grapefruit
middle notes: lavender
base notes: oakmoss, amber


Why we made it
My husband and I stumbled upon a cologne with this fragrance combination at a boutique in Asheville, NC. We were both obsessed with it and I came home determined to add it to our lineup. It took a lot of trial and error to get it right, but in the end, we ended up with this super deep and complex fragrance that our friends, family, and customers cannot get enough of.