Small beginnings.

In 2012, Stink's opened after a year-long obsession with candle making. After being gifted a do-it-yourself kit, shop owner, Courtney, fell in love with the detailed process of candle making and how a beautiful fragrance could transform a space. She gave many as gifts and received rave reviews which paved way for opening up shop. 

Years later, she's still obsessed with the process. We still, and always will, craft bomb ass fragrances but more than ever are dedicated to including only non-toxic and sustainably sourced ingredients into our lineup so that you feel safe and excited to bring home Stink’s to that cute little home of yours.

If you're wondering... our playful name stems from the cutest cairn terrier on the block, Stanley. STINK is the nickname for shop owner, Courtney’s, head tilting terrier.

After 5 years of growth, Stink's took a break to reset and recenter. In 2019, Stink's reopened with 

Shop owner, Courtney

A home decor and dog obsessed goofball

Shop owner, Courtney

For as long as she can remember, Courtney has been obsessed with interior design and how a space can make you feel. As a little girl, she chose unique bedroom color palettes and found great joy helping her mom decorate houses as they renovated. Today she loves being able to bring a small part of her love for interiors into others' homes through Stink's. 

When she is not candle making, you will likely find her with a dog, or two, and sometimes three on her lap and a glass of wine in her hand. Fave fragrance: Oakmoss & Amber. Fave wine: Hess cabernet sauvignon.



aka Stink. aka Stanley Marie when he is bad.

Dog, Cairn Terrier

Stink is the tennis ball loving, double knee replaced, oldest child of the house and the namesake of Stink's Candles. He has a younger brother, Remy, four times his size but 100% his subordinate. Stan enjoys a life of leisure while his family’s world revolves around him. Fave fragrance: Northern Pine