Giving a shit about the bigger picture.

Since the beginning, we thoughtfully consider environmental impacts and personal wellness. That’s why we use plant-based wax, cotton wicks, fragrances infused with essential oils, and clear, unpainted glass vessels. We never include wax dyes, preservatives or fragrances with phthalates, because that would just be gross.
When shopping for candles, opt for plant based waxes like soy or coconut, check that the fragrances explicitly state they are phthalates free (because phthalates are a known carcinogen) and that the container interior isn’t colored using a spray paint because the heat from the wick will heat the paint and you def don’t want to breath that in. Also beware of candles that are 100% essential oil based, not all essential oils are meant to be heated and can be dangerous when they come in contact with a flame.

Always a focus on fragrance

You won’t find any basic vanilla here at STINK’s. Instead you’ll find nature-inspired fragrances that blend effortlessly into a home. From earthy to floral, we offer a carefully curated selection of year-round candles that are sophisticated and pack just the right amount of punch to fill a room. Plus every few months we offer a new collection inspired by the time of year. Queue the summer hydrangea, autumn spice, or northern pine.

Intentionally small

After a few years of balancing a full-time job and a growing business I learned that, for me, balance is key. As a one woman show I need time to play with the dogs, spend time with loved ones, and curl up on the couch watching Real Housewives to keep my sanity. So while I love, love, love this, I made the decision not to scale. Each month I make microbatches of our signature candles and botanical bags to scratch that creative itch while balancing life.