Orders & Customer Service

Where are you located? Do you have a store?

We are located near Columbus, Ohio. No, we do not have a physical store and don't intend on opening one, but we may be partnering with some soon. ;)

Do you offer wholesaling or wholesale pricing?

Generally, no. We are an intentionally small shop and aren't able to offer volume discounts. Watch for sales and promotions throughout the year though.

Do you offer exchanges or returns?

If an item arrives broken or damaged, absolutely.

Do you take custom orders?

On occasion, yes! Please reach out to stinkscandles@gmail.com to talk about your custom order ideas.

Can you refill my candle?

It would be our honor! If you are local and can save your glass, we can save you a few bucks on the purchase of your next candle.



Do you make all the products you sell?

We do! All of our candles are hand poured (this means we start with unscented wax and mix in our own fragrance before pouring them into each jar), our botanicals are mixed and packaged by us and the match boxes are designed and labeled by us.

What's the difference between a plant-based wax and a traditional wax?

Traditional wax is paraffin, which is a petroleum based product. It is easy to work with and cheap but there is a lot of discussion on whether burning it has adverse health affects, so we avoid that sh*t. Instead we use plant-based waxes for their sustainability and clean burning properties.

When shopping for candles, check that the ingredient lists 100% soy wax, coconut wax or plant-based wax. Often candles will be marketed as soy but they are actually a blend of soy and paraffin so read the labels closely.

Do you use essential oils?

All of our fragrances have some essential oils as part of their formula, but we do not exclusively use essential oils. Some essential oils have a low flash point or are not intended for regular inhalation so we pick and choose which we use as part of our fragrance testing process.